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Actors change the world.  Actors are risk takers and through their emotional risks, they allow the rest of us to feel. The actor’s calling is one of the highest – you are showing people their own humanity, our collective humanity, through storytelling.

At Nashville Acting Studio classes provide a space for actors to grow in their ability to tell these stories, through script analysis, emotional preparation and character work.  The classes use material from film and television in an intensive scene study format.

In the classes at Nashville Acting Studio you will find a group of actors dedicated to working on their craft.  You will also find a community that supports your growth as an actor. Special things happen in our classes – actors change and grow, make discoveries, find themselves exploring what it means to be an artist.  It is an extraordinary environment.  The energy created is palpable; the relationships created are meaningful.

The Southeast is growing at an exponential rate with film and television opportunities and the market is becoming extremely competitive for actors.  In our classes we focus on both the craft of acting and the business of working in this market. The classes will help actors understand the art of working on camera. For actors already working on camera, the classes will help you hone and refine your craft to deepen what you’re already doing and expand your future prospects in the industry.

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